1. Announcing the Revelar App

    Posted by Paulo Ragonha on


    Today I am happy to announce a project I've been working on for the past couple of days.

    It's an application to make it easy to write presentations using Markdown.

    In the past I've used to start a new presentation by manually cloning the reveal.js repository, changing some files and writing my markdown. But is just too much work to do every time.

    Having seen Deckset recently, I've decided to take a shot in doing something similar. So I've grabbed node-webkit and made it work!

    You can download a very alpha release from here or check the source code at https://github.com/pirelenito/revelar-app.

    I would like to give a big thank-you to Hakim El Hattab for his amazing work with reveal.js, which is the foundation for this project (I am basically a wrapper)!

    This is in very early stage of development, so any suggestions or pull requests are welcome.

  2. A última profissão do mundo

    Posted by Paulo Ragonha on

    Nesta última sexta feira estive em Lages, Santa Catarina, prestigiando o evento Serra Star Tech.

    Tive a felicidade de ter sido convidado para palestrar e achei interessante apresentar minha visão sobre o que define o "profissional de TI".

    Como plano de fundo tomei o conceito de automação e singularidade tecnológica para instigar o conceito de que nós estamos causando mudanças profundas na nossa sociedade.

    Em conclusão, havia deixado uma mensagem sarcastica de que a automação iria nos levar a um futuro apocaliptico dominado pelas maquinas. Mas pensando sobre o assunto nesse final de semana, achei muito mais interessante concluir com uma frase do renomado autor de ficção científica Arthur C. Clarke:

    "O objetivo do futuro é o completo desemprego, para que possamos brincar."

    Essa é a versão da palestra que você vai encontrar abaixo:

    Livros mencionados:

    ps: As conversas pós-palestra foram sensacionais.

  3. TDC 2013: Talk on JavaScript Testing

    Posted by Paulo Ragonha on

    A lot has changed since my 2011 talk on Single Page Applications, and I've decided to give another try on public speaking.

    It is TDC again, in its 2013 incarnation, and my talk is all about the importance of testing, how easy it is to get started and how fast you can become with the help of some proper tooling!

    The talk covers Jasmine, Grunt, Backbone and PhantomJS.

    Be sure to check the slides bellow:

  4. Java movie playback: JOGL + Fobs4JMF

    Posted by Paulo Ragonha on

    Recently I had to integrate video playback on my job's Java OpenGL engine, which uses JOGL.

    Java has a support to media playback through it's Java Media Framework, which unfortunately, on it's current version (2.1.1e) does not support many formats for video playback.

    So I quickly looked for alternatives, including IBM Toolkit for mpeg4, that hadn't a sufficient production performance I was looking for, and didn't offer an easy option for frame grabbing or plugin extensions as JMF does. Next was Fobs4JMF, which is JMF + ffmpeg. This solution was much more interesting, since it offers a wide variety of codecs (ogg, mp3, m4a, divx, xvid, h264, mov, etc) and is based on the solid ffmpeg solution to decode audio and video.

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